10-26-22 Ludovico _ Toby Driver Poster.png

Join us October 26 in Distler Hall for the music of Toby Driver.

Composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Toby Driver is a best known as the creative force​ ​behind the seminal avant-garde metal band Kayo ​Dot. Ever the musical polyglot, Driver’s rejection​ ​of idioms has resulted in a vast, unpredictable​ ​discography full of risks and liberties that invokes​ ​influences from every age and place, while never​ ​settling on one palette of colors, and a career​ ​that has brought his music to a considerable​ ​breadth of venues from thousands-capacity​ ​metal festivals to classical concert halls, and​ ​from basement concerts to the 57th Biennale di​ ​Venezia. Tonight, he joins the Ludovico Ensemble​ ​in performing new arrangements of music from the Kayo Dot album Gamma Knife, selections​ ​from his solo album They Are the Shield, and ​Pale Hesychasm.​ ​Nicholas Tolle and Jennifer Ashe will give the​ ​world​ ​premiere performance of Parapuká Vená​ ​for voice and cimbalom.